Breakforth 2011 Artists

Casting Crowns


In an unprecedented six-year span with nearly 4.5 million career album sales, a GRAMMY Award, an American Music Award, 23 Dove Awards and 8 chart-topping radio singles, Casting Crowns remains focused on discipleship through music.1

Some of the band's most renowned worship songs include:

  • Who am I?
  • Voice of Truth
  • Lifesong
  • Praise You in this Storm

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GRAMMY-nominated progressive rock act Leeland has been known to deliver songwriting beyond its years and worshipful rock so genuine it disarms the honest cynic. Often quoted as one of Christian music’s most gripping live bands, the 2006 debut Sound of Melodies and 2008’s Opposite Way quickly established Leeland as a leader in the worship community and beyond.2

Some of the band's most renowned worship songs include:

  • Tears of the Saints
  • Sound of Melodies
  • Count Me In
  • Follow You

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Desperation Band


The Desperation Band leads worship on a weekly basis at New Life services. Made up of several committed musicians, the band also travels to conferences, churches, and concerts throughout the country.3

Desperation is best known for writing songs like

  • Rescue
  • Endlessly
  • My Savior Lives
  • You Hold It All

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Paul Baloche


Every believer has signposts for their journey in faith. The day we encounter our Savior. The challenges that uncover our deep need for Him. The moments we experience God’s faithfulness.

For Paul Baloche, this spiritual journey is marked by songs. Music that has moved from personal touchstones to collective signposts for the church. Intimate prayers that have become global anthems for millions of believers.4

Some of Paul Baloche's most renowned worship songs include:

  • Hosanna (Praise is Rising)
  • Our God Saves
  • Above All
  • Open the Eyes of my Heart

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Worship. Rock. Techno(logy). Three words that don’t seem to fit very easily into the same sentence. Its just as well we aren’t confined to sentences. The music of Bluetree is an experience. This experience may well be loud, bold and energetic. It may also be soft and so quiet you can hear the heart beat of the person beside you.5

Bluetree is best known for their worship song God Of This City

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