Mentorship Program

On Saturday, November 6th, Pastor Sam will be doing a kick-start off to a mentorship program for the youth at our church!

Date: November 6th
Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM
Location: ECAC; Basement Sanctuary

Any questions? Check out the forums and ask Pastor Sam!


We stand stronger in the group, and by having relationships in our lives that are made to help us grow spiritually, we grow stronger in our faith.

How does this work?

To become a mentee and be a part of this program, you will choose a Christian adult who will be your mentor for the next month or two. Your mentor must be over the age of 18, be a strong Christian, and be approved by your parents/guardians. It is important to note that your mentor should not merely be a friend, nor does it even have to be, rather the mentor must be a believer that can support, encourage, and grow with you.

On November 6th, bring your mentor and your parent(s), and a board game! Pastor Sam will start off the night with some information, and afterward there will be time for you, your mentor and your mom/dad to bond together with the board game. (Siblings also part of the mentorship will be part of the same board game).

Your parent must be present on the 6th, because it is important that parents know about your relationships and that you have good helpful and healthy relationships that they can be supportive of.

How can I go about asking someone to be my mentor?

Pastor Sam has kindly made a template letter for anyone to use when they're asking someone to be their mentor. Click here to see it!

And then…?

After the kick-start session on November 6th, you and your mentor will have 5-6 sessions together to talk & discuss various topics. This part of the program is extremely flexible. (Your parents only have to be present for the first session on November 6th, subsequent sessions will be between just you and your mentor.) You and your mentor decide on which days will suit best for either of you, and meet once a week. Whether that be a 20-minute session after your piano lessons on Wednesday nights, or a 2-hour session at a coffee shop before fellowship—whatever works for you.

Also, you and your mentor will be attending the same worship services. (Example: if your mentor is attending EMC worship, you will be attending EMC worship.) This will help both of you to share the same worship experience and enhance the mentorship program.

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